Photography has always been a vehicle of expression for how I imagine this world. This medium provides me with continual challenges to attempt to reconcile what I experience visually to the emotional attachment of the moment. I’m specifically drawn to the implicit human attachment between the subject and the viewer, whether it be spontaneous or planned. Through photography, I attempt to connect the viewer with the inner emotional expression of the subject, allowing them to go deeper into the meaning behind what we habitually observe and label.

I prefer to explore topics of social justice as well as document the work being done in our era for future viewers. By exploring inequities in an honest and raw manner, I hope that the beauty of how different people live can be shared and appreciated. This beauty may be found as hope, persistence, or a driven intensity for survival as opposed to how these subjects are commercially exploited by common media.

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Exhibitions and Projects

2023 CCP x Hahnemühle Summer Salon 2023 (Melbourne, AU)

2020 RAW Artists: Premiere (Brooklyn, NYC)

2019 Documentary Australia Emerging Documentary Filmmakers (1 of 13 nationally)

2019 RAW Artists collective exhibition (Missouri, USA)

2019 RAW Artists ARISE collective exhibition (Melbourne)

2018 LUNA MAR photographic series

2018 Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne) Salon

2018 TAFE ONO collective (Perth, AU)

2017 Witnessing Nepal SOLO exhibition (Perth, AU)

2017 Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne) Salon

2017 TAFE ONO collective (Perth)

2017 VEILED series on women’s homelessness in Perth

2017 Perth Centre for Photography Collective Exhibition

2016 Perth Centre for Contemporary Photography IRIS Awards

2016 Perth Centre for Photography Collective Exhibition

2015 Produced the BUILDING MOMENTUM video for Red Sweater Project (Tanzania)

2015 Newspace Collective Exhibition (Oregon, USA)

2014 Perth Centre for Photography Collective Exhibition