Although I've been a full-time freelance commercial photographer since 2015, I have been passionately immersed in the art of photography for over 30 years. I am currently focused on producting amazing media for my clients as well as visual branding consulting throughout the NY/NJ region.

My portfolio spans advertising, corporate, fashion, and hospitality sectors, allowing me to create compelling visual narratives tailored to each client's unique needs. Beyond this commercial work, I also collaborate with a range of non-profit organizations and NGOs, supporting their global missions through impactful visual storytelling.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with projects from the US to Nepal, Tanzania, Cambodia, and Australia. These experiences have shaped my approach to photography, enabling me to capture more authentic moments and share emotional connections with the people around the world.

Additionally, I remain committed to using media to explore social justice issues and documenting amazing human stories. This passion has led to featured exhibitions focusing on women's education, literacy, food recovery, and anti-trafficking initiatives with some of this work let to my first solo exhibition "Witnessing Nepal" Perth, AU in 2016.


While I was starting my first business Tim provided me with enormous help and support and took a significant part in shaping the visual language of my brand. His experience in unfolding the personality in conjunction with the sense of style made all the difference for me and my brand.

Dina, ArtGadyna


Tim's unique style and fantastic eye gave my corporate photos the perfect combination of professional and creative – which is just what I wanted.